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Drew Hayden Taylor, Take Us To Your Chief

... and Other Stories, says the subtitle, and there's nothing that 12-year-old me loved more than collections of stories.

Novels, sure, good stuff, and nonfiction books as well (and I thought my then-beloved Owls in the Family was nonfiction), but one book with ten stories? Ten different kinds of win.

For 12-year-old me, who was rapidly emptying a pre-Internet small-town library of books, to the point that I was reading some of the Cherry Ames and Trixie Belden novels when I got tired of Chip Hilton and risque Western novels (that only some librarians would let me check out "for my Dad"), a quality short-story collection was GOLD.

(Re Trixie Belden, singer-songwriter Dan Mangan knows what I'm talking about, since "Dan Mangan" arrived as a new character in the Trixie Belden novels published between 1961 and 1963.)

Unnecessarily long story short: I was really pleased by the chance to force our "Beer and Books" book club to read Drew Hayden Taylor…

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