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Larissa Lai, The Tiger Flu

Larissa Lai's amazing new novel The Tiger Flu is beyond me, but that's not neither a complaint nor precisely a compliment, either: the book's simply not for me, a white cis male English professor in the country currently known as Canada, just as stereotypical #CanLit isn't particularly accessible to a great many readers and writers in this country, and that's one reason that more people need to read it than, probably and (if so) lamentably, will lay their hands on it.

If you're looking for a way into The Tiger Fluthe publisher's summary is very good, in that it gives away very few of the novel's richer machinations. It's silent, though, on the book's last 90 pages, or more than a quarter of its length, which means, for example, that it doesn't even gesture toward important characters who aren't introduced until then. Still, you can get a great flavour of the novel from even the blurb's first sentence:
"a community of parthenog…

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