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Yvonne Blomer, Sugar Ride

At heart, I'm a trusting reader: I trust writers, and I trust their stories.

That's not to say that I'm not judgmental, I am, but with a book whose circulation is relatively small (i.e., not celebrity biography or airport-bookstore fiction), I'm always going to assume that the payoff's coming. I wish that more reviewers and readers, including some eyeroll-inducing ones over at GoodReads, took a similar approach more often.

To be clear, Yvonne Blomer's Sugar Ride called for no such patience from me. I was immediately hooked, and I didn't want the book to end.

But some of its readers needed to dig in more thoughtfully, because they simply didn't get the book, and that's frustrating to see. If you can just let go and let the words take you, it's a wonderful ride, and I hope that it keeps finding more readers (now more than two years after it first appeared).

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