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Rebecca Campbell, Arboreality

I'll get to the review eventually, I promise. It'll take a few paragraphs before I get there, but there are things to be said first. (Alternatively, just scan down for the section title "Review," which should appear in larger font.) Before the Review This isn't an announcement as such, but on the other hand, as I'll explain in a bit, there's no straightforward mechanism for making an announcement about this. Anyway, I'm incredibly excited to say that the Environmental Humanities Collective at UVic (EHCo) has chosen Arboreality , by Rebecca Campbell , as its inaugural "Book of the Year." This novella from Stelliform Press is a stunning, fierce little book, and I'm delighted both that it exists and that I'll be teaching it in company with a great many colleagues in September 2024 and January 2025. What, you may ask, is the EHCo, and what is its "Book of the Year" program? Sorry, but don't go a-googling just yet, because i

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