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Anik See, Postcard and Other Stories

If you're here for the review, jump ahead to the bit marked "Actual Review." There's a mostly unnecessary preamble that I won't judge you for skipping, even though I needed to write it for myself. Preamble It's been (gulp) fifteen years since I stumbled across, bought, and feel hard for Anik See's little marvel of a book Saudade: The Possibilities of Place . Later that same year, I met Anik at a reading by Theresa Kishkan , and bought her short story collection Postcard and Other Stories (or possibly, as I've seen elsewhere, postcard and other stories , or even per the copyright page Postcard: And Other Stories ).  At this distance, I can't remember now why I didn't write about Postcard  at the time. I can see an apologetic little note in the blog archives bemoaning my quiet (writing what I think must've been this article about some BC authors , which I should reread to see if I still stand behind it...), but I suspect that there was a mor

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