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Brian Preston

There ... well, there just aren't many books like Brian Preston's Stag  out there, or to give it the full title from the front cover, Stag: A Novel for Guys Who Haven't Read a Novel in Years . The book's blurbs from Scott Thompson (of Kids in the Hall) and Steve Burgess are accurate, and Thompson's exactly right to call it "a breezy, perverse delight." From the back cover: Like any good novel, it starts off kind of slow, and you'll be thinking, is this really worth my time and attention, but around page 50 things start to kick in and soon enough you'll be totally hooked, you won't want to put it down until ultimately it explodes in a mind-blowing climax that'll leave you emotionally drained, yet wanting more. When this happens, go have a brownie because the book is over. You've got to get on with your life. Read it again in a year. Doesn't everyone have antlers in their house? It's humorous, in other words, though I don't ag

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