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Michael Chabon, Maps and Legends

"Those of us who cannot make it from one end of a street to another without being momentarily upended by some fragment of outmoded typography, curve of chrome fender, or whiff of lavender hair oil from the pate of a semiretired neighbor are compelled by the disrepute into which nostalgia has fallen to mourn secretly the passing of a million marvelous quotidian things." (Chabon, p.135) He's a beautiful writer, Michael Chabon, even when there's no reason to be, and that's such a joy for a reader. Admittedly, this talent is a distracting joy when he's writing something that's more or less nonfictional, that you should be trying to suss out for validity and whatnot, but distraction is just the price you pay when you get something as lovely as his dadly memoir-ish Manhood for Amateurs or, as is the case here, his essay collection Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing along the Borderlands . Speaking of distraction, let's begin with the fact that the 2008 h

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