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John Barnes, Mother of Storms

David Abram, Becoming Animal

2012 Victoria Byelection

David Brin, Earth

Angie Abdou, The Canterbury Trail

DigiWriMo 2012

October 25 - Volume Two

Brian Aldiss, Hothouse

Sherman Alexie, Indian Killer

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Rebecca Kraatz, Snaps

Daniel Coleman, In Bed with the Word

George R. Stewart, Earth Abides

August 25 - McLeod Books, Vancouver

Rhona McAdam, Digging the City

Zane Grey, Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon

Zane Grey, Ken Ward in the Jungle

Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Eternal Savage

Jean-Christophe Valtat, Aurorama

Aug 9-12, ALECC books

Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games trilogy

Barbara Paul, Under the Canopy

Douglas Coupland, Life After God

Norman Mailer, The Fight

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Savage Pellucidar

Edgar Rice Burroughs, At the Earth's Core

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan at the Earth's Core

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tanar of Pellucidar

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Pellucidar

Kim Stanley Robinson, Sixty Days and Counting

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Back to the Stone Age

Kim Stanley Robinson, Fifty Degrees Below

Kim Stanley Robinson, Forty Signs of Rain

Stephen Brain, Song of the Forest

George Monbiot, Bring On The Apocalypse

Michael Chabon, Thrilling!

Jim Lynch, Truth Like the Sun

S. Terrell French, Operation Redwood