May 27, 2006 - Island Montessori

Rebbecca Ray, Newfoundland ($3.00, for 1008 pages!)
Three children's books: Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore; Tubby and the Lantern; and About the Farm (three for $2.00)

Island Montessori Preschool had a school fair today, and there was a book stand: one table of advance review copies, and one of kids' books. If I'd had more cash, I'd have bought the new Anosh Irani, and one on architect Jane Jacobs (Urban Visionary) that isn't released until next week. Just as well, I suppose.

Oh, and Newfoundland begins with "She found the deaf girl smashing bottles on a garden path." Not at the top of my list, what with the time needed for over a thousand pages of novel, but a good start.


Lady Amalthea said…
Never heard of any of them, but Newfoundland sounds captivating. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
LKD said…
You linked to my blog via Paul Guest's blog which caused me to wonder now that I see your blog is book-driven (no better obsession, I think, than the purchase and reading of books) if you've bought and read his very very very good, hell, excellent book of poetry, The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World. If you haven't, do. Do, do, do! It is seriously one of the single best poetry books I've purchased in the last year or two, and one of the only books of poetry that I keep at my bedside to reread and reread.

I hope you'll write more poetry, sir. I was impressed with your response to my writing exercise.
richard said…
I don't own Paul's book yet, but I've read pieces of it with real delight, and it's on the wishlist. Such a treat to find someone whose words sing!

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