April 26 - subTEXT (UVic SUB)

Bless 'em, those students who give up on books that we profs love and want them to love as well. I always leave an armload that I'd rather buy, but there's always next time. In every university town, the best-kept bookstore secret is the Student Union's consignment store:
  • ed. Robert J. Brym, Regionalism in Canada ($1, because it's from 1986)
  • Stephen Collis, Anarchive ($4)
  • ed. Daniel Francis, Imagining Ourselves: Classics of Canadian Non-Fiction ($5)
  • Richard Harris, Creeping Conformity: How Canada Became Suburban, 1900-1960 ($15)
  • Wolfgang Iser, The Implied Reader: Patterns of Communication in Prose Fiction from Bunyan to Beckett ($4)
  • J. Lewis Robinson, Concepts and Themes in the Regional Geography of Canada (Revised) ($5)
  • Rick Searle, Phantom Parks: The Struggle to Save Canada's National Parks ($7.50)
  • ed. A.J.M. Smith, The Canadian Century: English-Canadian Writing Since Confederation ($2)
I'm teaching from Imagining Ourselves in three sections of English 215 next year at UVic, so I might as well start reading ahead.

And the Stephen Collis book appears to be the author's own copy, annotated for reading aloud and with a list inside the back cover of where the poet read on a cross-country tour. I'm tempted to contact this Collis character....


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