June 9 - garage sale

Three classics, to expand my shelf of "this is what BC means to me, stop your academic babbling" books:
  • Herbert L. McDonald, British Columbia: Challenge in Abundance (1966)
  • ed. The BC Centennial '71 Committee, It Happened In British Columbia: A Pictorial Review, 1871 to 1971 (1970, somehow)
  • ed. Borden Spears, photos assembled by Bruce M. Litteljohn, Wilderness Canada (1970)
Admittedly I babble academically myself, but these books help me reconstruct older versions of BC, so it all makes more sense to my students when I read or teach older writings on this place. I love these kinds of books, to be honest, the "trees were SO huge and the men SO tough" genre!


fiona-h said…
did u take down your qi post? can you send me the link? also. have you seen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:QI-Book.jpg
richard said…
Nope, still there on May 22, "Looking for blogs to read," but it's http://alloftv.net/index.php?content=episodes&show=567

A book, how great! I had no idea!

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