November 7 - UVic bookstore

Hurt Penguins again:
  • Ted Bishop, Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books ($7.99 - such a sweet guy. Ted teaches at the University of Alberta, where I barely knew him, and this book was written after a horrific motorcycle crash that almost killed him)
  • Avi Friedman, Room for Thought: Rethinking Home and Community Design ($3.99)
  • William Bryant Logan, Oak: The Frame of Civilization ($2.99)


Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aww come on! now I am curious!
richard said…
Curious about what? The deleted comment? It's a spammer - do a Google search for blindguy55. "He" was suggesting that I could run my own bookstore and make $1.5 million a year. Suuuure.

I'm not saying is a scam or a pyramid scheme, but I've seen better business models, and I'm damned sure I've seen more respect for books.

No business that recruits members with spam is a legitimate business, by which I mean a business I have any interest in being associated with.
Unknown said…
Well Richard I guess you are calling some of the world best authors spammers> You do not even know what you are talking about.
The Founders are Richard Paul Evans and Robert G. Allen which have sold over 30 million books. With the likes of Mark Victor Hansen, Marc Brown, Daphne Rose Kingma,Henery Winkler
Please Know from where you speak
By the way we use Baker and Taylor for our Book stores
Dr Robin Rushlo
richard said…
Dr. Rushlo, I'm comfortable saying that a business that recruits new members with what sound like automated comments isn't one I want to engage with. And your first comment sounded like spam to me.

But maybe not. The capital letters interest me: am I supposed to call Messrs. Evans and Allen "The Founders," or was that a mistake? The capital on Know was a mistake, so maybe so.

And your named writers are very successful writers: not "some of the world best writers" [sic - "world's"], but very successful. I'm curious about your list of the "100 greatest books ever written," as your site promises to give to anyone who pays the $39.95 down. If even one of your named authors is on that list, you're no friend to literature. To investors, perhaps, and maybe even to writers in the modes to which your examples belong, but not to literature.

That's the other reason I objected to your post as spam, the callous disregard for the possibility of aesthetic experience. I delight in reading, not money. You're looking to recruit people able to exploit me: you don't want me.

And you'll never recruit a hardcore reader to follow The Founders if you post badly written comments to do it.
Unknown said…
First of all That is the top all time 1000 Classic Book From War and peace to Dickens etc and if they uy any book, or movie or music cd they will get a 2 page compact classic, a full audio version , and a complete e-book version of that classic for the customer Completely differnt for the associate They get for their 35 a month a book of their choice and audiobook and a e-book and access to all 1000 classics. Further they have unlimited access to Originial Sources call wisdom link and also writewise to help publish they book within each person.
I can not read Books as I am 100% blind and everything I do is either Braille or Audio and I perfer audio.
Please take a longer look at all of the items at and SEE the big picture. We will also carry College Text Books cheaper than most on campus Bookstores
or stake a long look Please.
Dr robin Rushlo
richard said…
OK, let's try this one point at a time.

What was there about my blog that told you I might be interested in multilevel marketing? Or in selling books rather than reading them?
Unknown said…
Just the love of books. A chance to get them cheaper and quicker and have more available at your fingertips than ever before. If you love Book and want to spread books all over the world. Bookwise donates 1.00 of every monthly membership and 10% of all corporate profits to getting books out to those who either can not get them or can not read and need to learn to read. So for the love of books and spreading the joy of reading that I saw at your site wa why I added the comment. I loved to read but after losing my site in 2000 and having to learn from audio it has taken along time to get that joy of reading back. SO now I love to spreadd it where ever I go and does not matter if I mke money too as long as Money is going to help others read. By the way I am the CEO of a Non Profit that put 37000 Bibles into prisons in 2006 and will put 50,000 into them in 2007
richard said…
Bibles? Really? I know that it's been a while since I declared by atheism on this blog, but let me just say that I'm not a friend of organized religion. Private belief, sure, and prisoners need support and the courage to change and all that, but this isn't a religion zone.

And I'll admit that your organization sounds better than your first spam-sounding comment made it sound. (Which was a long, long way from appealing.)

But what about my blog made you think I want to sell books rather than read them?
Unknown said…
Any one that love books want to see then grow and expand and other get books to read

As for the Bibles 70% of the inmates can not read pass the 1st grade level and
we had a children's Bible at below the 1st grade level brought in.

No organized backing just my group
Bibles in Prisons LLC

That is all

That was also the only book that all the prisons will let in across the Board

So that is why we did it that way to also teach them to read.
Other books were hard to get into the prisons.
hey blindguy55 has written to me, too!
richard said…
Really? Where? What did he say?

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