December 31 - Grafton Bookshop

In Oak Bay, right in the Village, is the Grafton Bookshop. I'm forever distracted by the idea that its name is the road my grandparents live on, a few hours north of here, but it's a good store. I've spent more than a few dollars there over the years, and I'm hoping to get back there in the next few weeks to scour the shelves more closely.

In my five-minute visit today, and for only ten bucks, I stumbled across the 1959 number of Blackwood's Magazine that contains the original essay that became M. Wylie Blanchet's book The Curve of Time. I'm inordinately pleased!


Paula Johanson said…
I'd be thrilled to look at your copy of the Blackwood's magazine with Blanchet's article. Please send me a note saying if you'll let me look at it -- I'm writing a paper for university on The Curve of Time.
richard said…
I could do that, Paula - but your contact info isn't available via Blogger. But I think you can find mine, yes?

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