A few pick-ups in recent days, though I've not the energy to write multiple posts:
  • Ron Chudley, Stolen ($12.95 at Bolen's, for the next book club selection)
  • John Terpstra, Falling Into Place ($10 at Old Towne Videos, Mag & Books, a creepy spot with an Adult Room, but which gave up from its troubled shelves one of Gaspereau Press's gorgeous editions, with this on its cover: "This book is what happens when one person becomes completely enamoured of the landscape in the city where he lives")
  • Gillian Wigmore, Soft Geography ($15.95 at the UVic Bookstore, a volume about which more will soon be said)
  • ed. Colin J.B. Wood, British Columbia, The Pacific Province: Geographical Essays ($8 at subTEXT)


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