Father's Day self-gifts

I went a-shopping yesterday. Grafton Books in Oak Bay always has some good stuff, but this was a targeted trip for Bus Griffiths' graphic novel (reviewed here) Now You're Logging, which I'd noticed on Abebooks.com was there in hardcover for more than I wanted to spend. With Father's Day, it was time to drop the card on this volume - but when I got there, I found not just an immaculate 1979 hardcover with dustjacket, but an autographed 1990 paperback as well! Curses.

So I spent a half-hour trying not to buy both of them. In the end, I bought the hardcover for a cool hundred bucks, plus Candace Savage's collection Curious by Nature, which ate up a little more than the amount by which the bookseller discounted the Griffiths due to its time spent on the shelf.

Later on I browsed through Bolen's briefly, and found Harold Rhenisch's WInging Home: A Palette of Birds. I'd been looking casually for it since I'd first noticed the title on his home page, so I'd have bought it at full price, but for some reason it was discounted to $7.98. I've started reading it, and it's beautiful stuff.

Update: Plus, today I went to Munro's to buy our next Mook Club selection, Jeffrey Sachs' The End of Poverty ($6.99), but I also couldn't help grabbing Rita Wong's Livesay-winning poetry collection forage ($16.95). I do loves the books....


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