July 24 - Munro's Books

I picked up Alan Weisman's intriguing and positively reviewed The World Without Us at Munro's today (sale tables, $9.99). I was actually looking for Jeremy Mercer's Time Was Soft There for the book club, but like every single store in town, no luck - nice choice, Leach! ;-)

Mercer's book is reviewed here and here, if you're as intrigued by the title as I was.

I'm pleased to have picked up Weisman's book, and there's no bad time spent at the lovely Munro's Books. As well, I only narrowly escaped picking up the first two books in Jasper Fforde's second book series, the Nursery Crime Division. From the website:
Despite the Ursine Suitable Accommodation Act, only three anthropomorphised bears have so far taken up the offer of quasi-human solitude, going for long walks in the forest and eating porridge. For the Bruins - Ed, Ursula and Junior - it seemed perfect. Perfect that was, until the unannounced arrival of an enigmatic blonde who turned their perfect life of rural tranquility upside down.

...and ate their porridge.

Good to know they're there - I'm sure I'll be back for them, since the Thursday Next books have been about the most fun I've had between book covers since I discovered Douglas Adams.


David Leach said…

I was just down at Munro's, too, to pick up a copy... and assumed you and the other guys had bought them all up! (Munro's had stocked a bunch before, when I was scouting for book choices.)

No luck at Chapter's or Russell's or Bolen Books or UVic (library and bookstore), although the Vic Library has three copies (two out, hopefully with club members, and one still available). I should have bought my copy when I was in Ottawa or Toronto. (Slim pickings in Iqaluit.)

That's what we get for being last-minute buyers / readers... Let me know if you score a "source". The clock's ticking...
David Leach said…
Read the article below and you'll learn that Jeremy Mercer is as addicted to good book stores as you are. His elusive tome is likely just the author's way of teasing you into more book shops around the city--and perhaps even farther afield--until you find it! :)

Top 10 Bookstores

PS, Cadboro Bay Books has a copy of his memoir (which I'm picking up tonight). I'll ask if they've got more.
David Leach said…

I hate the coding in the Comments section of Blogger.

Here's the URL:

richard said…
Holy comments, Batman.

I've got my name on the first one to arrive at Munro's; the guy told me he expected it today, or Monday at the latest - but if there are extras at Cadboro Bay, definitely let me know!

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