December 1, 2008 - United Way, UVic

Extravaganza - a charity book sale on behalf of the United Way, mostly comprising books formerly owned by members of the university community, at $2 each!

A couple of books, for example, were from the library of David Turpin, the current university prez, who seems not to need any longer the epochal 1990 and 1992 statements of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I'll refrain from linking this action symbolically to my feelings about the current draft of the university's sustainability action plan, except to say that a university whose action plan fails to account for education, research, or partnerships (with public or private bodies or individuals) is failing to understand itself as a university.

Here's the list:
  • ed. Duncan & Ley, Place/Culture/Representation
  • Clarence Frankton and Gerald A. Mulligan, Weeds of Canada
  • John Howard Griffin, Black Like Me
  • ed. Houghton, Jenkins and Ephraums, Climate Change: The IPCC Scientific Assessment (1990)
  • ed. Houghton, Callender & Varney, Climate Change 1992: The Supplementary Report to The IPCC Scientific Assessment
  • Christopher Hussey, English Country Houses Open to the Public
  • Peter Jackson, Maps of Meaning: An Introduction to Cultural Geography
  • ed. Warren David Jacobs and Karen I. Shragg, Tree Stories: A Collection of Extraordinary Encounters
  • ed. K. Linda Kivi, The Purcell Suite: Upholding the Wild
  • Andrea Lebowitz and Gillian Milton, Gilean Douglas: Writing Nature, Finding Home
  • The Magnificent Distances; Early Aviation in British Columbia, 1910-1940, Sound Heritage Series 28, 1980
  • Daphne Marlatt, Ana Historic
  • Alan Morley, Vancouver: From Milltown to Metropolis
  • Margot Northey and David B. Knight, Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Denise Oleksijczuk, curator, Lost Illusions: Recent Landscape Art (exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery)
  • Philip Oyler, Sons of the Generous Earth
  • Hector Allan Richmond, Forever Green: The Story of One of Canada’s Foremost Foresters
  • Michael Y. Seelig and Alan F.J. Artibise, From Desolation to Hope: The Pacific Fraser Region in 2010 (1991)


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