March 14 - two stops

Goldstream Nature House is an odd place for a book, perhaps, but there was a sale, and I'm a sucker: Robert Finch's Death of a Hornet, and Other Cape Cod Essays ($4.19, inexplicably), which looks terrific.

More to the point, I also hit a booksale at Oak Bay United Church in the morning, which went rather well:
  • ed. Irving Abella & David Millar, The Canadian Worker in the Twentieth Century ($1)
  • Ralph Allen, Peace River Country ($2)
  • Harold Cardinal, The Unjust Society: The Tragedy of Canada's Indians ($1 - a classic form 1969)
  • Anthony B. Chan, Gold Mountain: The Chinese in the New World ($1 - essential reading, I've heard many times)
  • Islands Trust/San Juan Preservation Trust, A Place in the Islands: How Private Land Owners Shape the Future of the San Juan and Gulf Islands ($0.50)
  • Michael Kluckner, The Pullet Surprise: A Year on an Urban Farm ($2)
  • Howard Newby, Country Life: A Social History of Rural England ($1)
  • Charles G.D. Roberts, The Heart of the Ancient Wood ($1)

  • Sound Heritage 3.2, 3.4, and 4.1 ($0.50 each)
  • Joanna Streetly, Paddling Through Time: A Kayaking Journey Through Clayoquot Sound ($1)
  • This ... is British Columbia: Our Natural Heritage ($0.50 - provincial gov't publication)
  • Timothy Taylor, Story House ($2)
Come on, two bucks a hardcover, a buck for a softcover, and fifty cents for what the cashier insisted were "basically magazines"? A steal, and that's not even including the free throw-in ("nobody else would want that") of Space Family Robinson #59, the final issue of the series!


Anonymous said…
You were lucky to find the Sound Heritages! I have a number of them and they are treasures.
Theresa K.
richard said…
You read very carefully, Theresa! Yes, the Sound Heritage volumes are excellent. I recently received a small pile of them out of my grandfather's book collection, to, and I really enjoy them.

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