July 17 - UVic Bookstore

Two books today, basically for free courtesy of a gift certificate received from some researchers who wanted to look at the experience of ESL students in university composition classrooms:
  • Lawrence Buell, Writing for an Endangered World: Literature, Culture, and Environment in the U.S. and Beyond ($30.75 -- looks amazing, though I wonder if it'll feel dated already, since its 2001 publication...)
  • John Phillips, Cyder: A Poem. In Two Books ($19.50 -- a special order that arrived today, and it's a dud. BiblioLife does photo reprints of out-of-print works, but the online blurb I saw suggested there was an intro and some useful material wrapped around it. Nope. It's exactly the same as the photocopy I already had from microfilm, except in smaller form with a binding).


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