September 22 - Bolen's

I needed to pick up Madeleine L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time ($8.50) for teaching purposes, but I wanted to browse around for some book club ideas. We need, I think, to get onto some calmer and more lighthearted books after slogging through Gwynne Dyer's Climate Wars, so I think I've got some ideas.

But I was also delighted to stumble across Theresa Kishkan's new novel The Age of Waterlilies ($19.95), which I picked up and have thus far forced myself only to dip into. Apparently it shifts back and forth between Walhachin in around 1913, and Victoria around 1962, and my childhood camping trips to Deadman Valley and Snohoosh Lake combine with my current residence here to make this a must-read. It'd be a must-read even if I didn't enjoy her other books so much, but many weeks won't go by before I finish this one!


Jean Macgregor said…
We received a copy of Wrinkle in Time as one of the thousands of donations for UVic Libraries United Way book sale ... this one's for sale for $2.00, Wednesday October 7 to Friday October 9 in McPherson Library.
richard said…
You're one stage off spam, Jean! Just kidding -- I'll be there for the sale, you know it.

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