November 19 - Malahat Review booksale

I'm always happy to hand over some money to the Malahat Review, and it's especially important to support small Canadian magazines and journals now that the federal government will be cutting their subsidies if their subscription list is too short. Appalling but predictable behaviour from the federal Conservatives, I think. I bought a handful of books ($1 each unless otherwise noted), donated some extra cash, got cranky:
  • 4 Poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, Onjana Yawnghwe
  • Colin Browne, The Shovel
  • Joan Crate, Suburban Legends
  • Lorne Dufour, Jacob's Prayer: Loss and Resilience at Alkali Lake
  • Donald A. Fraser, My Nugget Poke ($2)
  • Tom Henry, Westcoasters: Boats That Built BC ($2)
  • Don LePan, Animals (a novel launched just a couple of weeks ago)
  • Charles Lillard, Circling North
  • Garry Thomas Morse, Death in Vancouver
  • Kathleen Norris, Dakota: A Spiritual Geography
  • Lloyd Ratzlaff, The Crow Who Tampered with Time


Anonymous said…
Charles Lillard's 'Circling North' was hugely influential to me - I'm glad you found it. I loved the idea of a journey being the premise for a book and also, because I found the book when I was so young, it amazed me to find the landscape of north central BC important enough to be literature. After reading 'Circling North' I wanted to name my home places for myself. Sometimes I find I'm still writing 'to' Charles, and definitely still writing 'from' him.
Thanks also to you for writing - I enjoy it.
Gillian Wigmore
richard said…
Great to hear from you, Gillian! I'm a fan -- even taught some of your work in February while I was lecturing for a week at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

I'm looking forward to reading Circling North. I'm at that point in the semester where my marking load is outrunning my reading time, but your adding your voice to Theresa Kishkan's mean that I'll get to reading the book sooner than I would otherwise. (As did handing over the money to Rhonda Batchelor, who remarked, "Oh, I'm glad someone bought my husband's book!")

Say hello for me to your cousin Fabienne, who's a good poet herself: I taught her at UVic almost two years ago.

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