December 2 - UVic Bookstore

Two books on order, two others that leapt fortuitously to hand:
  • Robert A. Heinlein & Spider Robinson, Variable Star ($4.99)
  • Derrick Jensen & Stephanie McMillan, As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial ($18.50 - a protest graphic novel)
  • John Lent, Monet's Garden ($11.95 - already reviewed here)
  • Sandra Shields & David Campion, The Company of Others: Stories of Belonging ($24.95 - a photo essay with text)
It was one of my great regrets at the ASLE conference that I didn't get to hear Shields and Campion, since in the end they were were unable to attend. Their combination of text and photography in pursuit of social awareness is always powerful, and this little book is particularly inspiring and challenging. It's going to get read and reread an awful lot, I think....


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