January 15 - Shepherd Books

Shepherd Books on Fort Street (with one of the least helpful web sites I've found, to be honest, so I'm not even linking to it!) is one of my favourite bookstores, but it's small enough that I often find myself browsing for quite a while but only coming up with a book or two.

But you know, they serve my interests pretty well, and if you wanted the better quality of fiction in used form, it looks to me like Shepherd would be one of your best options. Not what I'm looking for, but really, how many other people would go into a store and buy:
  • David Day, The Cowichan ($3.95, 1970s poetry about logging in BC)
  • William Dietrich, The Final Forest: The Battle for the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest ($8, investigative journalism)
  • Joseph Kastner, A Species of Eternity ($9.95, decidedly academic: "The wilderness adventures and discoveries of America's earliest naturalists")
  • rob mclennan, red earth ($6, poetry from someone I think I went to university with, though I can't be sure)
  • Richard Rodriguez, Brown: The Last Discovery of America ($10.50, memoir: "Rodriguez argues that America has been brown since its inception--since the moment when the African and the European met in the Indian eye")


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