May 3 - Value Village

Kind of an odd book day today -- I was actually looking for some sweaters, one of which I'm wearing, and some shoes, which I'm not, but for a total of $15.94, into my basket leapt:
  • Ralph Edwards, as told to Ed Gould, Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake (nonfiction, aka "the complete biography of the Crusoe of Lonesome Lake")
  • Roger Farr, Reg Johanson, Aaron Vidaver, PILLS: N 49 19.47 - W 123 8.11 (poetry from the so-called "Pacific Institute for Language and Literacy Studies," basically the three of them)
  • Heather Simeney Macleod, The Burden of Snow (poetry)
  • William Morris, Notes from Nowhere (fiction, in the fine edition from Broadview)
  • Richard Nelson, The Island Within (nonfiction, possibly inspirational nature writing)
  • Thomas Wharton, Icefields (novel)
  • Ian & Sally Wilson, Wilderness Seasons: Life and Adventure in Canada's North (nonfiction, of the "city folk in the wild" variety)
All of which please me, if to varying degrees.


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