Sept 15 - UVic library

OMG free books, free books! The library didn't want them anymore, so ... oh no. I'm a hoarder as well as a giant nerd. Call A&E.
  • Theodore Davis, Study Designs for Evaluating the Effects of Forestry Activities on Aquatic-Breeding Amphibians in Terrestrial Forest Habitats of British Columbia (1999, though I knew him better as Ted Davis)
  • Drinnan, Emmett, etc, Saanich Inlet Study: Water Use Inventory and Water Quality Assessment (1995)
  • David Hatler, Perspectives on Inventory of Caribou in British Columbia (1987)
  • Lindsay Hoos & Glen Packman, The Fraser River Estuary Status of Environmental Knowledge to 1974: Report of the Estuary Working Group, Department of the Environment, Regional Board - Pacific Region (1974)
  • Inselberg, Klinka, & Ray, Ecosystems of MacMillan Park on Vancouver Island (from 1982 - aka Cathedral Grove)
  • Signature 4 (winter 1990), featuring articles by Will Garrett-Petts (on "a rhetoric of reading contemporary Canadian literature") and Heather Murray (on theory's reception in English Canada)
Oh man. It's worse than I thought.


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