February 13 - Value Village

Looking for jeans at the Village, since I do my best to buy new as few articles of clothing as possible, I unaccountably found myself in the books section. Whoops:
  • Edith Fowke, Folklore of Canada ($3.99: "fairy-tales, legends, jokes, myths, tall tales, riddles, sea songs, and every other type of unwritten lore in Canada is represented in this first anthologized cross-section of the nation's diverse folk traditions" -- it's a book every Canadian should have, honestly)
  • Granta 89, on "The Factory," including a sensitive Joe Sacco comic about Chechen refugees living in a cowshed ($3.99)
  • Robert Kroetsch, Alberta ($3.99: "Kroetsch's wonderful storytelling and travel writing classic captures a luminous land in its golden era")
  • ed. John A. Murray, Out Among the Wolves: Contemporary Writings on the Wolf ($3.99)
  • ed. K.W.G. Valentine et al., The Soil Landscapes of British Columbia (5th book free! And I'm, um, a giant nerd)


Anonymous said…
The soils book sounds really interesting! I just found a prize at MacLeod's in Vancouver -- Flora of the Saanich Peninsula by Adam Szczawinski and Antony Harrison (no. 16 in the Occasional Papers of the British Columbia Provincial Museum). It's like a peek into the world of my childhood, the Garry oak meadows near Broadmead, Bear Hill where I rode my horse to see fawn lilies in spring...
richard said…
I love finding those little strays, Theresa! That's one I don't have, the Saanich flora, and I'm not sure I've seen that one. I'm still looking out for ones from my own childhood in the Shuswap.

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