Thinking Through Nature - books ordered

Posting some rough ideas about what to do with my fall Literature and Environment course last week got me some great advice, and lots of supportive messages as well. So, I've ordered my books now, and once I finish marking this week, and then finish the small task of negotiating a first unionized agreement for faculty and librarians here at UVic, I'll figure out just what kind of course to build on top of and around them.

Here are the five books, in what might feel like a useful sequence:
If you're thinking that's too few texts: maybe. I'm thinking that I'll get the students to group off and present something (maybe online?) on other texts that might have been included, like the 1852 Canadian Crusoes by Catherine Parr Traill, or the 1900 Heart of the Ancient Wood by Charles GD Roberts. And I'm also mulling over options to get students working with environmental protests or actions of one kind or another, so there's lots to think about….


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