August 16 - Old Towne Videos, Mags, & Books (+ Munro's!)

I've already called Old Towne Videos, Magazines and Books a creepy place - it's certainly the only bookstore I've been to in some time with an Adult Only Room, and I ain't going there often. Still, both times I've been there in the last several months, they've had some good volumes. Today:
  • Sharon Butala, Wild Stone Heart: An Apprentice in the Fields ($10)
  • ed. Derek Fairbridge, The Vancouver Stories: West Coast Fiction from Canada's Best Writers ($5)
  • ed. Sheila Harrington & Judi Stevenson, Islands in the Salish Sea: A Community Atlas ($10)
And then I stopped by at Munro's to pick up Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear from the sale table ($5.99). I bet it's a good'un!


Biblio Reader said…
Old Towne... is that the one with the big display case of bongs? I went in there and was promptly met with the sight of that, the very narrow aisles, and the guy at the desk making some lewd comment to an embarrassed-looking girl (late teens, early twenties?) and quickly scurried out. Yeah, I would agree with "creepy".
richard said…
Precisely the store - he also has a sword collection, not all of which (I heard yesterday as he explained to a fellow using "dude" as a punctuation mark) is for sale.

If you're looking for a used bookstore to hit downtown, your best bet - hands down - is Shepherd Books on Fort Street. The various versions of Russell Books are good, too, but Shepherd (like Sorensen on Cook) is delightful.

And here's a list maintained by Sorensen - can't go wrong there. (And thanks, Sorensen Books!)

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