December 5, Value Village

Three books today, all of which fit my new intention of buying used books only when (a) it's out of print, (b) I've already bought a new copy of it once before, or (c) its author has no need for my pittance (in that order):
  • Margaret B. Blackman, During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson, A Haida Woman ($2.99)
  • Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius ($3.99; for the West Coast lit grad class I'm team-teaching)
  • Stephen King, Under the Dome ($3.99 for 900 pages of British hardcover edition; our January book club selection).

Update: Bugger. Blackman's book isn't out of print after all. Am I going to have to get a smartphone of some kind just so I can stay virtuous?!?

Update #2: Actually, the one that's in print is the revised and enlarged edition from 1992. I bought the unimproved and still-shrunken 1982 edition. Curses, but does that mean I'm still partly virtuous?

Update #3: No way can I keep to the oath implied above. But that's not news to anyone who's been to this blog before.


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