March 24 - Thrift Store day

A lovely time with my daughter today, getting kids' books for her as well as my style for me.

Salvation Army first:
  • Rohinton Mistry, Tales from Firozsha Baag ($2.29 - but I fear I may have it at the office already, since I've taught a story from it in the past)
  • Eric Sloane, A Reverence for Wood ($1.99 - never heard of him, but "the special knowledge of which wood was suited to which task" sounds right - but I don't see the promised "color plates" anywhere...)
  • Robert Wiersema, Before I Wake ($2.50 - "advance reading copy, not for sale" is a siren song for me - and I went to university with Rob)
  • ed. Patricia Demers and Gordon Moyles, From Instruction to Delight: An Anthology of Children's Literature to 1850 ($2.99 - took a grad course from Pat Demers, and to her I owe the motivation behind my first publication)
Then Value Village:
  • Richard Hakluyt, Voyages and Discoveries ($1.99 - good classic stuff)
  • Des Kennedy, Living Things We Love to Hate: Facts, Fantasies and Fallacies ($1.99 - autographed by Kennedy to "Joan, Denman Island, June '92," who got it for her birthday from (possibly) Dick and Pam and who spilled something precisely on poor Des' signature)
  • Thomas King, Medicine River ($1.99 - an inexcusable hole in the bookshelf)
  • Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose ($2.99 - in which I begin my quest to collect all Stegner's works)
A good day, all told!


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