July 13 - Sorenson Books

First time at Sorenson's, and it was a treat. Very good place, with carefully selected used books of good quality, though I cunningly got away with only three of them:
  • Barbara Kingsolver, Small Wonder ($10.50) -- rumoured to be a gorgeous little essay collection, and it's helped literature/environment folks find a better way to grasp her fiction, so I'm really looking forward to it;
  • W.B. Schofield, Some Mosses of British Columbia ($0.50) -- adding to my wee collection of BC Provincial Museum nature handbooks; and
  • David Sedaris, Me Talk Pretty One Day ($8.00) -- I already know these essays are funny funny funny!


fiona-h said…
you will enjoy the sedaris!
richard said…
I will, I know - a couple of students picked it for their review essays last year, so I know just what I'm in for.

And I'll need the break: Derrick Jensen's Endgame II is scaring the PANTS off me.

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