Sept 5 - more from Margot Louis

The sale continues in the department library, so naturally I had to wander back in. Eventually I'll just sign over my pay-cheque, I imagine. In amongst the heartbreakers (Surviving Cancer, for example, and Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety) were several more I had to claim:
  • Alfred W. Crosby, Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 (new edition, 2004, in Cambridge UP's important Studies in Environment & History series)
  • Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism
  • Joy Harjo, In Mad Love and War (a Creek [Muscogee] poet)
  • Linda M. Hasselstrom, Between Grass and Sky: Where I Live and Work (cover description - "nature writing from a a rancher's point of view")
  • John McPhee, Annals of the Former World (a massive chestnut that confirms the depth of my geekness - know anyone else excited to read a 700-page geological history of North America, loosely organized around Interstate 80, which runs from Teaneck, New Jersey, to San Francisco)
  • Richard Rhodes, John James Audobon: The Making of an American (yep, the subtitle almost kept me from claiming this one - in fact it did prevent it on Wednesday)
  • Albert Schweitzer, On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (not primarily about the forest, but about his renouncing his future in Europe to become a doctor and build a hospital at the edge of said forest in what was then the Belgian Congo)
  • Ronald Wright, Stolen Continents: The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
I think that'll do me for this sale - but I'll likely be back in there browsing next week in spite of myself.


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