December 30 - Wells Books

A nice haul at Wells Books today, heavy on BC content:
  • Ken Belford, ecologue ($6.99)
  • Ken Belford, Pathways Into the Mountains ($6.99)
  • ed. Thomas R. Dunlap, DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism ($7.99)
  • Ecotrust Canada, Seeing the Ocean Through the Trees: A Conservation Based Development Strategy for Clayoquot Sound ($9.99)
  • Theresa Kishkan, Red Laredo Boots ($7.50)
  • Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings ($7.99)
  • Judith Williams, High Slack: Waddington’s Gold Road and the Bute Inlet Massacre of 1864 ($6.99)


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