Sept 13 - mystery arrival

I think I know where this book came from, before it appeared in my mailbox this week, but confirmation has been slow in coming. Some time ago I'd loaned out a copy of Don Gayton's wonderful book The Wheatgrass Mechanism: Science and Imagination in the Western Canadian Landscape, and a copy of Terry Glavin's This Ragged Place (no slouch either). Both those returned to me, but my "loaned books" list is silent on who borrowed them from me.

More importantly, with these two appeared W. Gordon Mills' Timber Line & Other Poems. It may have been bought at Russell Books in Victoria on May 22, according to the enclosed debit receipt, except that the amount on the receipt doesn't match the pencilled-in cost of the book. Hmm.

Thanks, mystery donor! (Unless you're trying to make my shelves collapse and crush me, in which case, damn you, mystery donor!)


naomi said…
*sigh* Caught me. But it's the white chair I have it in for. Or at least it was pre-damnation!

Typical absentmindedness, leaving a receipt in there, although I have no idea where the discrepancy came from. Possible conjunction with Banting find? Now that you mention pencilling, I do recall a mental note to unearth an eraser...mais c'est la vie! It's the unrealized thought that counts, right? (In this case, rather literally.)
richard said…
I knew it. Ha. And it's pretty rare that I buy one book at a time, so it doesn't surprise me there'd be a $10 difference between the receipt amount and the price of the one book.
naomi said…
You don't say? I was under the impression that you rarely, if ever, bought books.

If this were an Archie comic, there would be very strategic bolding.

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