Looking for new blogs to read

I tried an experiment last night. I have my favourite blogs that I read, some by friends and some I've collected over the last few years, but there's this whole world of blogs out there that I feel guilty for not knowing more about. I teach writing, and since some of my students write blogs, I need to know more.

So I spent half an hour clicking "Next Blog" at the top of blog pages, and here's what I learned.
  • Spammers have blogs that outwit whatever randomization algorithms Blogger has attached to the "Next Blog" function.
  • The interweb displays text in waaaaay more languages than I thought it did, and there are more non-Roman alphabetic systems than I was aware of. This in no way helps my understanding of other cultures.
  • There's vastly less teen angst in blogs than I thought -- maybe it's off in places like Facebook now? -- except among girls in English-speaking Asian countries.
  • Did I mention spammers' blogs yet? And their pop-ups?
  • I'm embarrassed by my extraordinarily low tolerance for people who don't rapidly jump off the screen at me as Smart or Interesting or Literate.
  • I would rather watch Stephen Fry host QI on alloftv.net than browse through random blogs. You should, like, totally watch it.
  • I'd rather spend time with an empty blog that reads well than an issue-filled or opinionated lump. Same criteria as for dinner guests.
I added a couple of blogs to my reading list, but ... man, I don't feel more comfortable in the world today than I did yesterday.


fiona-h said…
Should I like, totally, watch it??? Well, that's all I need to hear!
richard said…

Well, I watched the first few, but then they started failing -- the flash movies hosted at guba.com won't load, and the late-episode ones on YouTube are no longer available. Sob.
Anonymous said…
Hey – I'm honoured to be on your list! But I can't promise I'll always be clever or entertaining, I'm afraid...
richard said…
No pressure intended! Really I was just commenting that I have even more insular tastes than I thought I did. You've been on my reading list for a little while.

And I have to say that the dot and line movie you cited was fantastic. I watched the whole thing through this morning when I should have been finishing prep for my first class of the day. The closing pun is masterful, but I was caught up in the culture/counterculture debate implied in the contest between chaos and line for the dot's love. Any luck finding your copy of the book?
Anonymous said…
Richard, I'm so glad you liked that movie. I wasn't sure if most people were familiar with it – you would know it, I suppose, if you were of a certain age, and loved Chuck Jones cartoons as a kid. So I'm pleased to introduce the film to new audiences.

Sadly, I still haven't found the book...sigh...
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say that your list here made me laugh. I am all too fond myself of the literate and the smart and cannot do without a nicely turned sentence every so often. And QI is an extremely enjoyable program.
richard said…
Glad to please, litlove - I do enjoy your writing.
Anonymous said…
I would have to say that these are the best sites to watch free tv shows and movies if you are sick of reading people's blogs

in the order they are listed:

1. http://www.boxsweeper.com

2. http://tv-links.co.uk (but all of there links are already included in boxsweeper)

3. http://alloftv.net

4. http://joox.net
richard said…
Funny thing, Anonymous, but I've only very recently quit using word verification, and as a result I've been pondering whether to stop allowing anonymous remarks.

I've been wandering happily through boxsweeper, though, so maybe I'll let anon comments continue for a bit.... :-)

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