ASLE bloggers, so far

A few blogs out there about ASLE in Victoria -- happy browsing!
Here are a few more, the first three sent out by Adrian Ivakhiv to the ASLE listserv, and the last by jo(e) of Writing as Joe who has also been posting:

Additional update: Rhona McAdam has a wonderfully useful post up that lists all the texts she heard mentioned in various panels, with hyperlinks to as many of the online versions as she can find. Now THIS is obsessiveness I can get on board with!


jo(e) said…
I think Keri's got some posts about ASLE up at Diary of a Dandelion Diva.

(Waving from a friend's computer in Seattle -- hi Richard!)
jo(e) said…
And Julie Meloni over at Academic Sandbox ....

(I could be helpful and actually put in the link -- but really, I'm too lazy. Google it.)

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