Kim Stanley Robinson, Icehenge

Slumming? Some might say that, sure, but not me: I proudly read Kim Stanley Robinson's science fiction classic Icehenge over the last few days. If you want a detailed review, here's a positive and thorough one; I'm just here to say that it was basically fun, but also thought-provoking, and I was disappointed by the ending. It's no space opera, so it's not that I had any firm (or justified!) expectation of closure, but I did want more than this.

This could be a good summer, reading for actual pleasure. What a concept. Admittedly there were several papers at the recent ASLE conference on Robinson and environment, so I stumbled his way on a semi-obligatory, quasi-research excursion, but really it was just a chance to explore a library other than my own for a change. Most refreshing to escape the hothouse.


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