ASLE books

World enough and time, world enough and time -- last week what felt like the entire world came to the University of Victoria (hi, world!) to attend the ASLE conference. I only managed a quick browse of the publishers' exhibit, and had no free time for the authors' reception, but I did pick up two very cool books that together encapsulate things I'll likely spend the rest of the summer doing and thinking about:
  • Nancy Gift, A Weed By Any Other Name: The Virtues of a Messy Lawn, or, Learning to Love the Plants We Don't Plant ($26)
  • Patricia Klindienst, The Earth Knows My Name: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans ($19)
Not a lot of folks out there blogging the conference yet, but I'll see if I can't aggregate a few of them here later on. Once I get up from my nap, that is.


jo(e) said…
Eh, you invite more than 650 people to your campus -- including some very pesky Americans -- and you expect to have time to buy books?

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