Madeleine L'Engle, Many Waters

Though I do have a strong recollection of reading her Wrinkle in Time , I just don't recall reading Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters. Maybe I didn't finish the series, but that's not like me. Instead, I think it got suppressed in the great Nietzschean anti-Christian period of my late teens -- it hasn't prevented the occasional hymn from bubbling up from my time in a nominally Anglican boarding school, but who knows?

Fascinating book, though. L'Engle sends the two Murry twins, Dennys and Sandy, across space/time to what appears to be immediately before the Flood. They do their best not to be killed, and not to interfere too much in what's going on, but times are odd. People are tiny but ancient; mythical animals aren't mythical; and our boys spend a fair bit of time worrying about terrorists. The book is from 1986, so it makes sense that it's terrorism primarily rather than environmental degradation, though eco-terror's part of their worries as well.

All of L'Engle's books tie up awfully neatly at the end, and that's a little unsatisfying for most people older than about 11, but still. A fast read that uses an intriguing approach to hit some relevant topics.


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