May 2 - two stops

From the half-price table at the UVic Bookstore, where there were at least a dozen expensive books I'd like to pick up (E. Ann Kaplan's edited collection Feminism and Film, for example, and a few different works on First Nations governance in Canada):
  • ed. Neilson, Cole, & Knowles, The Art of Writing Inquiry ($34.95 / 2), and
  • James Alexander Teit, The Thompson Indians of British Columbia ($34.95 / 2), which is actually volume 1, part IV of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, edited by Franz Boas in 1900.
I imagine I'll be back next week for more of the same.

But later that day I hit Value Village with my four-year-old, where we picked up an even dozen books for her (Scuffy the Tugboat; Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb; and so on), as well as:
  • Christopher Dewdney, Signal Fires
Twelve kids' books plus this one at 10 times forty-nine cents, less ten percent for some reason, so fifty-one cents including tax.


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