Purchases, Aug-Nov 2011

OK, OK, I let things side around Book Addiction HQ, and I didn't log some months of purchases. Sue me.

Going forward, though, I'll be combining purchases into monthly reports - they're not great reading on their own, but I do feel a need to keep track somehow. And since it's my blog, and since I've proven myself incapable of note-taking about purchases any other way, I'll post monthly.

  • Renaissance Books - John McPhee, The Control of Nature; McPhee, In Suspect Terrain
  • Wildside Booksellers (Tofino) - Jim Lynch, Border Songs
  • Coles (ugh) - Andrew Nikiforuk, Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's Great Forests

  • Book Marc - Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game; Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?; Kim Stanley Robinson, The Wild Coast; KSR, The Gold Coast; KSR, Pacific Edge
  • Munro's - AJ Jacobs, My Life as an Experiment: One Man's Humble Quest to Improve Himself; Rowan Jacobsen, The Living Shore: Rediscovering a Lost World
  • Russell - Octavia Butler, Wild Seed; Jean Hegland, Into the Forest; Ursula Le Guin, The Word for World Is Forest

  • subTEXT - The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon; Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities
  • UVic Bookstore - Rob Budde, Finding Ft. George; Brian Kiteley, Still Life with Insects; Elizabeth Royte, Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

  • UVic Bookstore - Margaret Atwood, In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination; S.K. Robisch, Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature
  • Bolen's - Margaret Atwood, Oryx & Crake; Theresa Kishkan, Mnemonic: A Book of Trees
  • Munro's - Sherman Alexie, Indian Killer
  • Value Village - Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks


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