Derrick Jensen

Some weeks ago we had some tussles over Derrick Jensen, who's an environmental activist, writer, and serious crank. He's speaking in my town next weekend, and I'm considering getting tickets. Any thoughts?

A sample of his prose:
If those in power really aren't reachable, and if the majority of people probably never will act to defend their--and our--landbases and bodies, and if the culture is in fact enacting a death urge that will lead to planetary annihilation unless it is stopped, and if you care about your body, your landbase, what are you going to do? What are the right actions to take?
We need to bring down civilization now. We need not hesitate any longer. The planet is collapsing before our eyes, and we do nothing. We hold our little protests, we make our little signs, we write our little letters and our big books, and the world burns.
Should be interesting, at least. Should I give him twelve bucks?


Jason DuMars said…
Yes. Go. Please.

And write about the experience here.

You are a very eloquent writer, and I would appreciate hearing your impressions, as I am sure scores of others would also.
richard said…
"Scores of others"? Not based on current readership stats! But thanks for the kind words, Jason. I likely will go, and if I do, I likely will write about it here.
Jason DuMars said…
Excellent. Don't believe the stats... they lie. :)

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