December 28, Bolen's

Went to Bolen's and used up a gift certificate on the next book club selection (Clarke) and an odd book I've coveted for a little while (Struthers):
  • Brock Clarke, An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England
  • Andrew Struthers, The Green Shadow (published by Transmontanus, a very nice little imprint connected with New Star Books)


Anonymous said…
The Clarke has an interesting title, prompted me to take a look on Amazon, pretty mixed reviews, which suggests one of two things, either it's really bad, since generally the reviews on Amazon are good for even mediocre stuff, or it's had lots of publicity, people have bought it and it's a bit too literary for their tastes. Will be interested to hear what you make of it.
richard said…
I suspect the second, Keith - though I've yet to start it, having chosen instead to zip through Struthers' book. I've also been drawn gleefully into Smith & MacKinnon's 100-Mile Diet, which is very well written indeed; it deserves all the good press it's had.

(And welcome back, too!)

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